Our Vision: Our vision is for a better future- for families, for friendships, and for our community-through better access to behavioral health services.

Our Mission: Our mission is to widen the accessibility of behavioral health treatment, to remove the negative stigma, and to financially support the work that CRMHS is doing within our community by reducing the financial barriers to behavioral health treatment.

Children experience social struggles and personal challenges that can have a profound effect on the outcome of their lives. When we support a child’s healthy emotional and behavioral development we empower them to achieve their full potential.

Mental health problems affect about 1 in 10 children. This includes depression, anxiety and conduct disorders, and is often a response to challenges in their lives. Mental health services can enable children to develop the resilience, skills and strategies they need to grow into healthy adults.

Our children are under-served by the state of children’s mental health services across the United States. Columbia River Mental Health strives to connect with children where they are through school satellite outreach, a mentoring program and young adult outpatient services.

CRMH Foundation focuses on supporting the youth services provided by CRMH. These include the 4Results Mentoring program, emotional and behavioral support services within our local schools, and the Eclipse young adult outpatient program.

The Foundation funds also help otherwise ineligible people receive and continue the treatment and therapy they need to truly live as positive, productive members in our community. The result is- they recover from mental illness and are able to sustain employment and support their families.

Foundation support also helps to enhance the wide range of programs and services delivered through Columbia River Mental Health Services to the over 5,700 individuals of all ages that they serve each year.

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