November 2nd: Paint Night for Columbia River Mental Health Foundation


Thursday, November 2 at 6:30 PM - 9 PM
Heathen Brewing Feral Public House
1109 Washington St, Vancouver

What could be a better mental health break than meeting friends over drinks and getting crafty?

Join us at Heathen Brewing on Thursday at 6:30 to mingle and find your spot! Paint Nite officially begins at 7pm and it won't be as much fun without you and your friends!

Please share this page and get your tickets soon!

Mental Health Effects of Bullying May Fade Over Time


A new study published in JAMA Psychiatry found that children exposed to bullying may be more resilient than previously thought. Studies in the past have found that children who were bullied were more likely to experience mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and conduct problems.

The recent study, funded by MQ: Transforming Mental Health and the Economic and Social Research Council and included 11,108 participants, showed that “the detrimental effects of
bullying decreased over time, which the authors say shows the potential for resilience in
children exposed to bullying.” These results offer a message of hope for those currently
experiencing bullying, and those experiencing mental health issues related to past bullying. With time and professional help,  they can one day live their lives without being hindered by their mental health problems..

Dr Sophie Dix said "This important research is further strong evidence of the need to take the
mental health impacts of bullying seriously. We hope this study provides fresh impetus to make
sure young people at risk -- and those currently being bullied -- get effective help as soon as

Read more HERE.

We are partnering with Gift of Lift at our Fall Luncheon!

We are partnering with National Women's Coalition Against Violence & Exploitation (NWCAVE) Gift of Lift program for our September luncheon. So bring your lightly used or new bras to the luncheon and toss them in the big PINK donation bin. For every new and gently used bra you bring to the event, you get a raffle ticket that enters you to win an awesome Night On The Town prize basket! All bra donations will go to NWCAVE’s Gift of Lift program.

Gift of Lift is a collaborative effort to collect bras to benefit local and national programs for women and girls. 

National Women’s Coalition Against Violence & Exploitation (NWCAVE) along with Robin Helm from Clark County Juvenile and Doctors Allen Gabriel and Manish Champaneria of Peace Health Medical Group Plastic Surgery all came together in 2014 to form Gift of Lift.

Program Report - Since the program began we have collected and presented over 12,000 bras to local, state, national and international organizations.

Beneficiaries have included:
YWCA Clark County - Washington
YWCA SafeChoice Program - Washington
Clark County Sheriff's Office - Washington
Second Step Housing (WORTH) - Washington
Vancouver School District - Washington
Evergreen School District - Washington
St. Vincent Transitions Center - Oregon
Henderson House - Oregon
Divine Threads - Oregon
Free The Girls - International

So *DO NOT FORGET* to bring you new and lightly used bras to the luncheon and donate them to Gift of Lift. <3